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Why Lesbians Should Date Men in Their 60s

Chelsey Clammer

I know, there’s the genitalia aspect. You might not think that a woman who prefers having sex

with another woman would enjoy sleeping with a man, but—and this is speaking from my own

personal experience—sleeping with a man who is 30 years your senior has its benefits. First, it’s

not as messy. Men in their 60s can have a difficult time reaching orgasm, so most of the time you

won’t have any yucky post-sex cleanup to do. I mean, strap-ons don’t ejaculate, so what’s the

difference? Second, sex becomes more of a conversation than an act, which can replicate lesbian

sex dynamics. With older men, you have to talk about when the sex will occur so they can

medicate themselves appropriately. Thus, sex becomes an intentional act that welcomes the

concept of bodies communicating, and lesbians love their good communication. Third, men in

their 60s are usually a bit more feminine because old age calms down the raging testosterone, so

there isn’t some power dynamic going on about who is more butch than the other. Fourth, men in

their 60s know they aren’t going to catch some fine-looking 20-year-old, so you don’t have to

worry about them cheating on you. You are the sexiest catch they will ever get at this point in

their lives, so your confidence in the relationship will be boosted. Finally, old men look like

lesbians anyways. Seriously. There are entire websites devoted to this fact. No lie.

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