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My Morning Coffee Tastes Better When I Don't Make It

Francesca Bucci


In this economy, it’s way more cost efficient to make your morning coffee at home. We all know this. We’re supposed to wake up each morning, shower, do a lengthy skin care routine, brush our teeth, make breakfast, pack a lunch for the day, and make our own coffee. We all know what a well-put-together adult “should” look like. They’re sitting (not standing) at their dining room table (not kitchen counter) eating a well-balanced breakfast (not just cereal) with a fresh coffee they made (not purchased) and reading the news (not watching dumb internet videos). I couldn’t possibly be expected to do it all. HOW DOES ANYONE DO IT ALL??? One will have to be sacrificed. I choose to sacrifice the making of my coffee. 


Follow me on this one. Trust the process.


My shower and morning water I take with my pills and vitamins (thank you, I’m healthy) wake me up just enough to get me going and out the door. I make my breakfast and eat it quickly because I obviously woke up late and don’t have time to enjoy my food. I rush out the door and, on the way to work, I pick up a coffee. I drink this coffee in the first hour or so of my job while I settle in to the day to day tasks of my job. The coffee tastes better and the beginning of my work day is much more energized. 


Two months. I made coffee at home for two months. The pandemic was at it height. I was laid off. I had no choice. It was fine. Just fine. Anyone who says they like it better at home is LYING TO THEMSELVES. I guarantee that if money was no object, everyone would prefer to buy their coffee from a nice little coffee shop. You might be like ‘Wow, Francesca, you’re right. I wonder why that is. My coffee always tastes better when I go buy it. You should get an award for this anthropological research.’  Sadly, the anthropological community does not accept humor op-eds for published research sites. I’ve turned to Morning Moot to publish my studies and results that we just enjoy paying for convenience. Convenience tastes better. I didn’t have to do any work and I got a delicious coffee that I can now take my time enjoying? If you disagree, please reach out; Then let me make you a cup of coffee from my kitchen counter, dusty-ass-Keurig and you’ll see what I mean.


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