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Mondays Are Superior to Fridays

Robert Edward


Despite the disdain from a certain fat cat, and regardless of the love from a band named after a

method of preserving meat, Mondays are in fact superior to Fridays. And here’s why.


Mondays set the tone for how the week can go, or more importantly, how the week can be

overcome. Monday is the start of the week. The foundation. There can be no weekend without

the week.


What’s so great about Fridays? Still have to get up at 7am. Still have to be fresh. Still require

cereal. Still have to get on the bus. Yes, it is the last day of the week that requires such activities

and that is a cause to celebrate, however, without the need to celebrate something (i.e.

overcoming the week-- which we’ve established Monday is the foundation) there is no



By getting through Monday, you are in fact accomplishing a feat, and that creates a legitimate

value, despite what pop culture continually tries to tell us.


Any musical group comprised of moms and dads complaining about how Mondays may make

them cry should not be a determining factor in measuring the worth of a day, unless it’s to

suggest that the day has a certain power, and ostensibly having power is a good thing.


And regardless of the inquisitive proclivity toward the blueness of Monday from a quintet named

after what happens when the wrong food arrives at a restaurant, one must remember that blue is an awesome color.


Think about when there’s a new moon on Monday, and how that lonely satellite of a day, even if caught in the orbit of the weekend, is a thing of beauty. The moon is superior to the German goddess Frigga. Maybe if we called Friday VenusDay, it could win over MoonDay, but we didn’t and it doesn’t.


Even if cinema may suggest a certain level of freakiness to Friday, or that any South Central LA

exploits of a man named after the frozen state of dihydrogen monoxide could make the case for

Fridays, I state that those have no merit without the power of Mondays and how it establishes the week. It is a day that stands at the foot of a mountain. One must imagine Mondays as superior.


(References: Garfield the cat, The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”, Rebecca Black’s “Friday,”

Mama’s and Papa’s “Monday, Monday,” New Order’s "Blue Monday,” Duran Duran’s “New

Moon on Monday,” word origin of “Friday,” movie “Freaky Friday,” movie “Friday” starring Ice

Cube, running joke of way to say water, and a slight nod to Albert Camus “Myth of Sisyphus.”)


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