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About Morning Moot

Morning Moot is a newsletter that runs one controversial opinion or 'hot take' essay each morning. Our newsletter is meant to be thought provoking and fun- we do not publish essays about news, politics, or anything too serious.


Who writes this?

The essays we publish come from all over. We publish moot written by established authors, aspiring humorists, funny screenwriters, legends of Reddit, and everyday folk around the world. We include links to the social media and website of each contributor- if you like a particular day's moot, check them out!

What's with all these weird images?

The cover images for our articles are generated using DALL·E, an AI Art platform that uses Natural Language Processing to generate images based on the title of each moot and the author's favorite artist 

DALL·E 1.png

What's with the charity stuff?

Each day an essay runs in our newsletter, we make a small donation to the charitable organization of the contributor's choice. If you are a big fan of the a given day's moot, consider donating!

This image, courtesy of DALL·E was generated for our first ever moot, 'Washing Your Hands After Peeing Does Not Make Sense'. It was created in the style of Salvador Dalí, Paul's favorite artist. 

Okay, I'm sold. Where do I sign up?

If you hate emails but want to keep up with the action, follow us on Twitter or Instagram

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